What Should I Do if I Lost My Green Card?

Just like you may carry your driver’s license, credit cards, health insurance cards, and other forms of identity in your wallet, it is equally important to have your green card with you at all times. And if you happen to misplace your green card, you must take immediate measures to track it down or otherwise replace it. Continue reading to learn what to do if you have lost your green card and how an experienced green card lawyer in Milwaukee, WI, at Sesini Law Group, S.C., can help you obtain a replacement.

Why is it important to always have your green card on hand?

As you may already know, your green card is the one piece of physical evidence that demonstrates your legal right to reside and work in the United States. Therefore, losing this card may have your presence in the country put into question. What’s more, it may lead to the following setbacks:

  • You may have trouble re-entering the country after traveling abroad.
  • You may have trouble obtaining a loan for a house in the country.
  • You may have trouble obtaining employment with a United States employer.
  • You may have trouble renewing your driver’s license in the state of Wisconsin.

What should I do immediately after I have lost my green card?

As soon as you have realized that you lost your green card, you must begin filling out Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Resident Card. However, if you are outside of the United States at the time, then you must fill out Form I-131A, Application for Carrier Documentation. This is so you may obtain temporary travel documentation to board a transportation carrier and return to the country.

What does the application process entail for a green card replacement?

Of note, after submitting Form I-90, it may take over eight months to receive your replacement green card. So if urgent circumstances require you to receive it sooner, then you may take steps to obtain temporary proof of your permanent resident status in the meantime. These steps read as follows:

  1. Submit Form I-90 to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), alongside a $540 filing fee.
  2. In the meantime, schedule an “ADIT Stamp” appointment with the USCIS.
  3. Attend your appointment with the USCIS and bring the following pieces of proof:
    • Your unexpired passport from your home country.
    • Your Form I-90 receipt number.
    • Your alien registration number.
    • A copy of your most recent green card and its expiration date.
    • Any relevant evidence regarding your urgent need for temporary proof of your permanent resident status (i.e., airline ticket, mortgage documents, job offer letter, expired driver’s license, etc).

We believe that legal guidance from a skilled Milwaukee, WI family immigration lawyer is the best fit for you during the application process. So please get in touch with Sesini Law Group, S.C. as soon as you can.

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