Removal & Deportation Defense Lawyer in Milwaukee, WI

Removal & Deportation Defense Lawyer in Milwaukee, WI

Wisconsin Deportation Attorney

Defending individuals in removal proceedings is a large part of our practice at Sesini Law Group. The attorneys in the office have years of experience working with the immigration court representing simple cases to quite complex removal issues. Furthermore, our attorneys have successfully filed post-conviction relief motions in the State of Wisconsin for numerous clients which have resulted in either the dismissal of the criminal case or an amendment to a crime which allows our clients to file applications to stop deportation in the immigration courts. As a result, our attorneys have effectively caused hundreds of our clients’ immigration cases to be either terminated or caused the immigration judges to approve applications for relief from deportation.

This experience makes us uniquely qualified to represent clients with:

Our firm is regularly called upon to consult on complex criminal matters and the immigration consequences of such convictions.

We can’t guarantee success in your case, but we can help you find the most promising approach toward avoiding removal based on the specific facts of your immigration status and the grounds for deportation. At the very least, we will provide you with honest advice about your options and even if there is no solution, we will let you know. For an initial consultation about your most promising legal options, contact us online or call Sesini Law Group located in Milwaukee and Green Bay Wisconsin.

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