Federal Litigation & Appeals Lawyer in Milwaukee, WI

Federal Litigation & Appeals Lawyer in Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee, WI Federal Litigation & Appeals Lawyer

If you have not received the results that you needed before the immigration judge, USCIS, or Board of Appeals please contact Sesini Law Group. Our firm will explore all options to help you through your legal matter. Our attorneys have successfully argued complex legal issues before the Board of Immigration Appeals, various federal district courts and the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. Most federal litigation appeals involve asylum, removal cases, unlawful detention cases, naturalization denials from USCIS and criminal issues.

Time Limits for an Appeal

In many cases, once the BIA denies your case you have the right to file a Petition for Review with the appropriate Federal Circuit Court of Appeals within 30 days of the decision. With such a short time frame, it is important to act quickly. Our firm will need to investigate the reasons why you are facing legal issues. We will provide expedient and effective legal services.

Contact our firm

We recognize the significance of all immigration issues, especially ones that involve inadmissibility or deportation. Our firm is dedicated to every client’s needs and future. Appealing one’s immigration case can be a life-altering event. Our firm takes this matter seriously and we work tirelessly to help clients through tough times. If you find yourself in this position, please contact Sesini Law Group immediately so that we can review your case and determine whether you should file a Petition for Review.

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