How Can I Prepare for My Green Card Interview?

All those who apply for permanent resident status (i.e., a green card) in the United States must attend an interview with a United States Citizenship and Immigration (USCIS) officer. This is arguably the most pivotal part of your application process. That is, any misstep you make during your interview may prompt the USCIS officer to deny your petition outright. Basically, your future in this country may be in the hands of this officer. Continue reading to learn how to best prepare for your interview and how an experienced green card lawyer in Milwaukee, WI, at Sesini Law Group, S.C., can help you practice.

How can I effectively prepare for my green card interview?

You cannot walk into your green card interview blind. Similar to having to study for an examination at school, you must do some reviewing before your interview date. This may entail looking over your application and all the supplemental documents you have submitted thus far. This is because you want your answers to the USCIS officer to align precisely with what you disclosed in these documents.

For example, you do not want your provided marriage and divorce decrees to show you were previously married for 10 years but tell the officer your marriage lasted 15 years. Or, you do not want to deny that you have ever visited the United States before but your provided copy of your passport proves otherwise. In either of these cases, the officer may grow suspicious of you. So if you have undergone actual changes since submitting your initial application, you must prepare to mention it to the officer straightaway and bring evidence that supports it.

What questions can a USCIS officer be expected to ask me in my interview?

While on the topic of honesty, you must answer the USCIS officer’s questions with nothing but the truth. This is regardless of whether the truth may paint you in a negative light, as the alternative of lying is a much more punishable offense. Understandably so, you may be nervous during your interview and stumble with some of your answers. But the best way to avoid this is to practice your answers beforehand. Without further ado, below are expected questions that you may practice answering:

  • What countries have you traveled to before?
  • What countries do you have a citizenship status in?
  • What countries have you lived in for the past five years?
  • Where and who have you worked for in the past five years?
  • Have you ever been married and do you have any children?

To effectively prepare for these questions, you may have a skilled family immigration lawyer in Milwaukee, WI conduct a mock interview. In the end, you may rest easier knowing that our team can serve as your needed support system during this stressful time. So please call us at Sesini Law Group, S.C. today.

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