Green Card and Social Security Number Applications Now in One

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently announced that immigrants applying for a green card within the United States now have the opportunity to simultaneously apply for a Social Security number or replacement card within the same application. This change can now allow immigrants to apply for their green card and Social security number in a simpler way.

This policy is a great start to helping immigrants navigate through the citizenship process with ease. Before this policy, applicants had to apply for their Social Security number through a separate application with the Social Security office. The USCIS has now updated Form I-485 (The Application for Adjustment Status) to include an additional question asking whether or not the applicant would like to apply for a Social Security Number.

If you have questions regarding this new change and how it may affect your immigration progress, contact our experienced Wisconsin immigration attorneys today to discuss your situation. At the Sesini Law Group, S.C., we are committed to helping our client’s immigration process run as smoothly as possible. Keep reading to learn more about this new change.

Why are green card and Social Security number applications now in one?

The new director of USCIS, Ur Jaddou stated that “eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy and optimizing collaboration across public-serving agencies is a key priority for this agency and the Biden-Harris administration.” Additionally, this expansion of the partnership between the USCIS and the Social Security Administration has further illustrated the USCIS’s commitment to improving the operation of the United States’ immigration system.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this new application modification, contact our Wisconsin immigration attorneys today. Our firm will be able to evaluate your needs and help you make decisions with your best interest in mind.

What is the process of applying for a green card and Social Security Card within the same application?

To apply for both a green card and a Social Security number through Form I-485, you will need to fill out the application and submit it. Upon approval from the USCIS, the Social Security Administration will issue you a Social Security number or replacement card. The government filing fee for Form I-485 will remain at the same price, which is currently $1,225.

Applicants will have until October 13, 2021, to submit the new or previous version of Form I-485, and after that, only the new version will be used.

If you have questions about this new process or anything related to Form I-485 in general, our experienced Wisconsin immigration attorneys are dedicated to helping you become accustomed to this new process. Call us today to learn how we can best help you.

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