How the Nomination of Ur Jaddou Can Help Immigrants in the U.S.

Immigrants in the United States have faced hardships through the years, and especially so in the past year and a half during the pandemic. As a result, delays in visas and work permits have impacted many immigrants’ ability to support themselves and their families. Fortunately, there has been a recent addition to the United States Citizen and Immigration Services this past July.

In a 47-34 vote, the Senate appointed Ur Jaddou to lead the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS.) Ur Jaddou is the daughter of immigrants from Iraq and Mexico and has knowledge and experience in immigration policy. Ur Jaddou’s family background has enabled her to understand the challenges that immigrants face and recognize the enriching contributions that immigrants make to the United States.

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What does Ur Jaddou hope to accomplish in this new role?

Ur Jaddou expressed her concerns with the long wait that foreign citizens have had to endure waiting for visas and work permits to be approved, and how she would like to expedite this process. She also addressed that she would like to return the agency to firm solvency and utilize 21st-century tools.

How will Ur Jaddou address the financial deficit of the USCIS?

The pandemic has caused a deficit in funding and employees for the USCIS. Typically, the USCIS is funded through application fees, but because in-person appointments were suspended and offices closed due to Covid-19, revenue loss has been reported. Homeland Security predicts that the recovery will take anywhere from months and even years to re-achieve full staffing and stable financial status. Ur Jaddou would like to temporarily increase the application fees in order to gain financial control again.

The secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas stated that with Ur Jaddou’s experience, she will “administer our nation’s immigration system fairly and justly.” Mayorkas also expressed that he is looking forward to restoring trust in the immigration system with Ur Jaddou. Despite Ur Jaddou’s inheritance of an agency with unstable finances and delays, she as well as others are confident in her restoration capabilities.

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