When Can I Renew my 10-year Green Card?/ Will I get a Replacement Green Card when my I-751 is Filed?

When Can I Renew my 10-year Green Card?

If you’ve been a legal permanent resident, you have a 10-year Green Card and you want to renew it, I highly recommend that you file the appropriate form six months prior to the expiration date on the Green Card. Also, seriously consider applying for naturalization.

Will I Get a Replacement Green Card when my I 751 is Filed?

Once you’ve filed the I 751 petition and everything goes well, USCIS will mail you a new 10-year Green Card to your residence. Make sure that if you move in the interim that you contact USCIS because they will make one attempt to mail it to you. If you’re not there, it’s going to be returned and then you have a whole bunch of problems trying to get another Green Card.

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