What is an investor visa?

Investor visas are a type of employment opportunity for those who want to enter into the United States. Investors are then able to enter into the country when they gain approval for this visa. With these visas, trade is easily facilitated between the U.S. and treaty countries. When individuals are approved for an investor visa, they are permitted to bring their families with them into the country. This can be seen as beneficial since they will not have to leave their families in their home country. It can make the process seem smoother with their families by their side. Your family will then be placed in the same category as you when you enter. It will also make your family eligible for employment authorization while the investor visa is in effect. These E-1 and E-2 visas last 5 years and may be renewed every 5 years if you continue to qualify for it. This can give your family the opportunity to work in the United States as well. With new opportunities, your family may be able to flourish in this new environment.

Can I become a resident of the U.S.?

When individuals with an investor visa look to stay in the United States even longer, they may have to adjust their status. Since a visa only allows individuals the ability to reside in the country for a limited period of time, they will have to renew their visa or change their status to remain in the country. Otherwise, they can face removal proceedings. If you and your employer both find an interest in changing your status to a lawful resident of the United States, a PERM visa may be an option for you. This will grant you a green card, allowing you to live and work in the U.S. without a specific period of time stated. It will then grant permanent residency for the individual. With a PERM visa, they must be requested by the employer. Your employer must show the initiative to keep you under their employment and to change your status in order for you to go through this process and possibly be granted a new status.

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