The Future of DACA

The United States currently has a program known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Action that protects people who were in the U.S. before their 16th birthday who are in the country without documentation from being deported. This program was initiated by President Obama in 2012 and has assisted in keeping hundreds of thousands of people in the country. Throughout the course of the bill’s implementation, it has gone through a number of changes. In 2014, President Obama expanded this bill so it covered any undocumented immigrant that is under the age of 31 and was in the country before 2010.

Many people and politicians are opposed to this bill and therefore, its future is uncertain with the upcoming presidential election. Depending on who wins the election in November, the bill may be nixed altogether. Immigration is a topic that politicians and their supporters feel strongly about, whether they are for it or against it.

Our firm cares about our clients and wants to stay informed about the future of this bill and any others related to immigration. We want to be able to be a trusted source of information to our clients during an uncertain time. If you or your family is concerned about the future of DACA, it is important that you contact an experienced immigration attorney who may answer any questions you have about your status.

The Sesini Law Group is an experienced immigration law firm serving Wisconsin. If you have questions regarding your specific case, please contact our law firm to set up an initial consultation.

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