What are P-2 and P-3 visas?

Throughout the world, there are talented individuals who perform in a number of countries that are not their home country. They travel across the globe to perform at venues and showcase their talents as individuals or in groups. The United States welcomes these talented people to bring their shows into the country. In order to legally do so, they will require those entertainers to obtain a visa that allows them to be here for a certain period of time while they perform around the country.

These visas are known as P-2 and P-3 visas. P-2 visas allow a person who is going to perform individually or as part of a larger group to come to the United States in an exchange program. This would mean that some American performers would go to their country and some performers from that country would come here. This exchange program requires the performers from the other country to be of a similar caliber of quality in skill level as American entertainers do. P-3 visas are pretty similar but instead of doing an exchange program, you must participate in a “culturally unique” program.

These visas are valid for one year and those who need to can renew them when they are going to expire. In order to obtain a visa of this type, there is an application as well as a $325 fee in order to file the forms with United States Citizen and Immigration Services. If you are interested in coming to the United States as a performer, you should speak to an experienced immigration attorney to discuss the possibilities for your visa.

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