What resources are there for US immigrants?

Many people come to the United States and are unsure of what resources there are that can help them adjust to their new life here, which can be quite overwhelming for some. The National Immigrant Justice Center works to provide services that protect the rights of those who have come to the United States as an immigrant, as a refugee or as someone seeking asylum from their native country. NIJC works with attorneys to ensure that over 10,000 people each year are protected from returning to countries that are unsafe for reasons that may include civil unrest, famine, natural disasters, human trafficking, and persecution.

Though unfortunate, many immigrants, refugees, and those seeking asylum are not aware that there are resources that are there to help them when they are trying to make their new lives in America. They can provide you with an attorney who can assist you in your case. Additionally, they have information about what you should do in the event that immigration services conducts a raid that can have the potential to tear a family apart. One of the most prevalent messages that immigrant resource centers provide is that they want everyone to be aware of their rights.

If you require information about who can help you throughout your immigration process whether you are just relocating or seeking asylum, you should speak with an experienced immigration attorney or visit an immigration resource center.

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