What questions are asked during the fiance visa interview?

Upon getting married, some people may have to move. This move can be from one state to another or one country to another one. Although moving from one state to another can be difficult, moving from one country to another can prove to be harder. When someone wants to move into the United States, they have to gain access through immigration services. If they are getting married and plan to move to the U.S., they will have to gain entrance into the country. This means that they should apply for a fiance visa. When they go through this process, they will have to be interviewed. Their spouse may be interviewed as well. This is done to prove that their marriage is not fraudulent.

During an interview for a fiance visa, there are many questions that the interviewer may ask the applicant. They will try to find out more about the individual person and the couple. The interviewer may ask where they were born, what their nationality is, if they have been to the U.S., how long they stayed in the U.S. and what other visas they have acquired. They may ask if the individual has ever been married before and if they have children. They can also ask about their relationship with their fiance. The interviewer will want to find out when the couple met to establish a timeline of their relationship. They should have known each other for a period of time to ensure that their marriage is real.

What happens after it’s approved?

After your fiance visa is approved, you will be able to enter the country to live with your spouse. Once your visa is approved, you have a certain period of time to wed your fiance. They must be married within 90 days or they may be forced to leave the country. If you do not get officially married during that period of time, you may have to leave the country. This is because your visa is approved with the intention of you marrying that American citizen. After they are married, they may be able to adjust their status and apply for a permanent resident status. They may also apply for a green card.

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