Who can face removal proceedings?

The United States is a land of freedom. As long as citizens abide by the laws, they can do as they please. This gives them the opportunity to pursue an education, a job or even start a family. They can do whatever makes them happy. However, these are legal citizens of the country. It can be more difficult for those who are not considered citizens to have these rights. If individuals from other countries want to come into the country, they must have the proper legal documentation to do so. They will have to be approved with a visa. This can allow them to come into the country for a certain period of time. If they are not a documented immigrant, they can face obstacles. Those who come into the country without documentation can be considered illegal immigrants. These individuals may face removal proceedings from the country.

Removal proceedings can cause for some difficult times. When someone is being removed from the country, their family may be unaware of their whereabouts. Their family may also be concerned about how they will support themselves without help from this key family member. During this time, they should acquire legal defense to protect their loved one from removal proceedings. This may be able to help them avoid being deported.

Can I be granted asylum if I’m being deported?

Asylum can provide protection for individuals who are afraid to return to their country. If they fear for their lives outside of the United States, they may be allowed to stay in our country. Their fear must be warranted though. Their country must be going through a time of turmoil whether this includes war or persecution. If they believe they will be in danger, they can seek asylum to remain in the U.S. Although individuals may be facing removal proceedings, they can still be eligible to apply for asylum. This can be referred to as a defensive process since applicants will have to defend themselves from facing removal from the United States. People may be removed from the country if they commit crimes of moral turpitude. These crimes can include murder and other violent crimes. With acts on your criminal record, it can be hard to protect yourself from deportation or removal proceedings.

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