What to know about filing USCIS forms

Applying for a visa in the United States has a tendency to be a document-heavy process. There are a number of precautions you should take when filing these forms in order to make sure nothing is incorrectly filed which can stall the process and result in other issues down the road. Before filing anything or even downloading any forms, you should double check that you are only downloading forms from uscis.gov, and not any website that ends in “.com.”

Once you download your free forms from USCIS and fill them out as instructed, you should make sure you sign all of your forms before submitting them. Ask your immigration attorney any questions you may have about the information provided or requested on the form before signing anything. The majority of USCIS forms will require you to pay a fee when you submit it. Certain people may be eligible to obtain a fee waiver, so ask your attorney if this is an option for you. Once you do pay the filing fees, make sure you get a receipt for the fees and for any attorneys fees.

After filing your USCIS forms, you should look for a receipt from the USCIS in the mail once they receive your application. You can use the number on this receipt to track your case.

If you have any further questions about how to properly file your USCIS forms, contact an experienced immigration attorney who can assist you.

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