USCIS Increases Fraud Detection Measures

Many businesses in the United States have employees working for them that are from foreign countries. Those employees are generally here on H-1B visas, which allow highly skilled workers from foreign countries to come to the United States and temporarily work. The USCIS plans to increase fraud detection measures that will determine whether companies with high numbers of temporary foreign workers are prioritizing foreign workers over American workers.

In order to detect fraud, the USCIS will audit companies to ensure that any foreign workers who are here on an H-1B visa have all of the necessary paperwork and are not in violation of any terms of the visa. They will also look to determine whether companies are actively trying to hire employees who are U.S. citizens first and only outsource if there are not enough qualified and willing American employees for the job.

This change is only one of many changes that is taking place as far as the United States’ immigration policy goes. There are a number of changes specific to H-1B visas and if you are an H-1B visa applicant or current employee, it is important to remain aware of anything that may impact you. Our firm is dedicated to remaining current on any developments that may impact our clients. If you have questions about how updates in immigration policy may affect you, contact our firm today.

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