How Should I Best Prepare for My Immigration Interview?

There is a lot on the line when it comes to your immigration interview with a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) official. That is, the official’s impression of you may just make or break your chances of eventually becoming a citizen of the United States. Follow along to find out how to best prepare for your immigration interview and how one of the proficient Wisconsin immigration attorneys at Sesini Law Group, P.C. can practice with you.

How can I best prepare for my immigration interview?

It may be common sense for you to arrive on time, dress appropriately, and bring the necessary documents to your immigration interview. But the most nerve-wracking part may be not knowing what questions a USCIS official is going to ask you.

One way you may prepare for this is by hiring an interpreter. This is especially crucial if you are not fully confident in your interpretation or speaking of the English language.  Importantly, your interpreter must be fluent in English and your native language alike, along with being a lawful resident or citizen of the United States. Your interpreter must also translate the questions and answers precisely as they are delivered, or else a USCIS official may grow annoyed.

Another tip is that you must answer a USCIS official’s questions with nothing less than the whole truth. This is because getting caught in a lie may be more detrimental than giving a less-than-desirable yet truthful response.

How can an attorney help me prepare?

Essentially, an attorney with years of experience in immigration may know some of the exact questions a USCIS official is going to ask you in your interview. So, you and your attorney may go through a mock interview in preparation for your actual interview. For example, your attorney may teach you how to best answer the following questions:

  • Are you a citizen or legal resident of a foreign country? If yes, which country?
  • Where have you lived during the past five years?
  • Have you traveled outside the United States in the past ten years? If yes, when, for how long, and to which foreign country?
  • Where have you worked in the past five years?
  • Have you ever worked in the United States without the proper authorization? If yes, when, for how long, and for which employer?
  • Have you ever violated the terms of your United States visa?
  • Have you ever failed to file a tax return when you were legally obligated?
  • Have you ever committed a crime or been arrested? If yes, which United States law did you violate?
  • Are you associated with any organization, party, or similar group? If yes, which group?

The first step that you must take in your immigration process is to make a phone call. Without further ado, pick up the phone and contact one of the talented Wisconsin immigration attorneys from Sesini Law Group, S.C. today.

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