How do I get a U Visa?

All too often, we hear cases where undocumented immigrants who are victims of serious crimes are too afraid to notify law enforcement for fear of deportation. We are here to inform you that in many cases, you have nothing to fear, especially with the help of an experienced Wisconsin immigration attorney on your side. Many victims of serious crimes in the U.S. actually qualify for U visas, which allow them to safely remain in the United States. If you have been the victim of a violent crime, please read on and reach out to our experienced firm to learn more about how we can help you.

What are the qualifications for a U visa?

To qualify for a U visa, you will have to meet various criteria. You will have to prove that you were a victim of a qualifying crime, that you suffered substantial physical or emotional abuse, and that you are willing to provide law enforcement with information regarding the crime, as well as assist them in the investigation. Additionally, you must prove that the criminal activity occurred in the U.S., or violated U.S. laws and that you are admissible into the United States.

What crimes constitute a U visa?

Various heinous crimes qualify victims for U visas in the United States. Some of these crimes can include murder, manslaughter, rape, prostitution, domestic violence, human trafficking, and more.

Can I extend or adjust the status of my U visa?

In most cases, you will find that your U visa is only valid for four years. That being said, there are instances where you may have your U visa term extended. For example, your visa may be extended if law enforcement requests the extension, or if you require an extension because of certain delays in consular processing, or, in some cases, if you need the extension based on exceptional circumstances. This term is rather vague, however, so if you believe you qualify, you must retain an attorney who can help state your case.

In other instances, individuals wish to modify the status of their U visa. If you are looking to modify your U visa, you will have to provide evidence of your U visa approval, a medical examination and vaccination record, your birth certificate, copies of all your passports, proof of at least 3 years of a constant presence in the U.S., and an affidavit to support that claim.

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