GOP Senators Unveil The SUCCEED Act

SUCCEED Act Introduced

The Senate GOP recently released a bill that could lead to the legalization for Dreamers.  The new bill, called the SUCCEED Act, could be the solution to the impending end to DACA.  The bill is said to be fair and merit based, and a solution to address legal uncertainty that undocumented children face.  This new bill seeks to provide undocumented children with the opportunity to earn and keep legal status, so long as they meet specific requirements- which some may argue are quite stringent- including passing an extensive background check and follow a merit0based track to demonstrate that they are productive members of this country.

What Does SUCCEED stand for?

SUCCEED is an acronym for:

  • Solution for
  • Undocumented
  • Children through
  • Careers
  • Employment
  • Education and
  • Defending our nation.

Core Principles of the SUCCEED Act

Senators Thom Tillis (R-NC) and James (R-OK) introduced the SUCCEED Act.  They states that the four core principles of this act are:

  1. The Act aims to create legal certainty for undocumented children who came here through no fault of their own, and offers them an opportunity to remain here with a chance to succeed.
  2. The Act surrounds the notion that opportunity to stay in the United States is not automatic and should not be given freely.  SUCCEED will require that, once undocumented children become adults, they maintain gainful employment, earn a post secondary educational or vocational degree, or serve in the military.
  3. The bill aims to curb illegal immigration by addressing via overstays.
  4. The SUCCEED Act is a solution for only undocumented children and bars chain migration during the legal process.  The bill suggests this is also fair to lawful immigrants who are in the process of naturalization.

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