Beware of Fraudulent Immigration Funding Efforts

The Better Business Bureau issued a warning regarding fraudulent fundraising efforts that claim to support the detained families along the border of the United States. While there are a lot of individuals that are eager to help, it is important that they don’t give funds to scams that specifically prey on those who are clearly trying to donate money. In the BBB’s warning, they included a few ways to look for trusted methods of donations.

First, they recommend that individuals who wish to donate to charities only give money to those that are trusted as per the BBB’s Standards for Charitable Accountability. In order to determine if a charity is trusted, check to verify whether they meet the standards. Another important aspect is to ensure that the charity is registered with the State Attorney General’s office. If a charity does not say exactly how the funds will be used, it is probably not a secure place to donate. The same goes if the charity does not provide an actual accounting for how previous funds were spent. Transparency goes a very long way when it comes to collecting funds.

Another important factor to consider is to try and donate to organizations that have a good reputation and have been around for a while. Newly created organizations may not have much information available and can ultimately become fraudulent if they are mismanaged.

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