Ways To Avoid Immigration Scams

One of the common concerns that people seeking a citizenship status should be aware of is the fact that unfortunately, there are a lot of scams that target immigrants who are hoping to seek a legal status in the United States. As a result, you need to make sure that you are only seeking legal help from a licensed immigration attorney who has experience with these matters. Protecting yourself from immigration scams can save you a lot of unnecessary stress in an already stressful situation. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website details the different types of scams that often target immigrants that are seeking a legal status in this country.

The first type of scam that often targets immigrants is when Notarios Publicos give incorrect legal advice to people who believe that they are trustworthy. While they may have good intentions, they are not really lawyers and are not authorized to provide the public with legal advice. The confusion here comes because in many Spanish-speaking countries, “notarios” are actually attorneys, but in the United States, they are not. Here, they are known as the notary public and they only serve as witnesses to the signing of legal documents.

Another common scam across the board, whether it is for immigration purposes or not, are people who call and tell you that you owe money and try to make you pay them for nothing. The USCIS makes it clear that they will never call you and try to make you make a payment over the phone. There are also scams that occur through emails, where unauthorized persons will tell you that you have been chosen for a Greencard or for a visa. Another scam that commonly targets immigrants are job offers that require you to pay just to accept them. An undocumented immigrant is not allowed to work in the United States without a Greencard/Permanent Resident Card or an employment visa. It is important to be aware of the various scams that target immigrants so nothing occurs to jeopardize your citizenship or permanent resident process.

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