TPS for Haitians Extended

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services announced that they will be extending Temporary Protected Status for Haitian nationals in the United States. The initial protected status was set to expire this month, but in May, the decision was made to extend the protection until January 22, 2018. It is important to know that if you have been impacted by an extension in your protection status, you should see how it will impact you. In order to benefit from this extension, you must register to have your protection extended by July 24, 2017. If not, you may lose your protected status. If eligible, you will be required to re-register with the USCIS and request a new Employment Authorization Document.

Temporary Protected Status is granted to individuals from countries that are experiencing difficult or dangerous situations, such as civil war, health epidemic, environmental disaster, or other factors that may prevent these nationals from returning home safely. Haiti was granted Temporary Protected Status after the 2010 earthquake that devastated the nation.

In order to successfully re-register, you will have to submit Form I-821 and Form I-765, as well as the fees associated with each form unless you have a fee waiver. It is essential to complete the re-registration steps before July 24, 2017, so contact an experienced immigration attorney if you need any assistance.

John Sesini is an experienced immigration attorney with offices in Green Bay and Milwaukee Wisconsin. If you have any questions regarding these matters, please contact the Sesini Law Group, S.C. and obtain your initial consultation.

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