Stricter Security Measures on Refugees Entering the US

After a review of the existing refugee program in the United States, the USCIS has announced that the security procedures for those entering the US as refugees will be much stricter. The country plans to increase security efforts of everyone who travels to the United States. In addition, the USCIS announced that refugees from 11 “high-risk countries” will only be admitted on a case-by-case basis during a review period of 90 days.

Some of the increased security screening methods include the following:

  • increasing the collection of data on applicants
  • increased information sharing between agencies
  • new procedures of training individuals who screen and detect fraud and deception

These changes come after the USCIS and Department of Homeland Security determined that there were gaps in the screening process. As the new procedures are implemented, refugees will be processed for resettlement again. This comes after a 120-day “pause” on the resettlement of refugees so the government could assess any gaps in the previous program.

According to the official memorandum announcing the changes, the new measures will be immediately implemented on those who are following other family members who have come here as refugees. If you are a refugee who has resettled in the United States and have questions about these changes or any other immigration matters, contact our firm today.

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