FAQ’s about changes to DACA requests

A few months ago, the United States government made a landmark decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, also known as DACA. This program impacts a wide variety of individuals in the United States who must scramble to find other ways to remain in the country. Any initial or renewal requests for DACA that were submitted after September 5, 2017, will be denied. However, there are still certain situations that may allow individuals to resubmit their DACA requests. If an individual believes that his or her DACA request was submitted by the deadline but the USCIS didn’t review it until the next day and it was rejected and returned, the USCIS may send you a letter telling you to resubmit your request. If you receive such a letter, you will have 33 days from the date of the letter to resubmit the request. It is important that anyone who has to resubmit their DACA request

Another issue that DACA request applicants have been having is that the United States Postal Service has had delays in mail-service that are impacting the arrival date of applications. Therefore, the USPS is investigating and identifying the individuals this happened to. The USCIS will issue these individuals a letter that can allow them to resubmit their requests. If you have questions about your DACA situation, contact us today.

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