What Are The Different Types of Green Cards?

green-card-applicationThere are situations will arise where a person receives a two-year Green Card instead of a ten-year Green Card and the recipient is unsure as to why they have been placed under conditional residency. The reason for this is because of the circumstances that brought them to the United States. When a person is filing for a legal status in the United States, there are two different options for a Green Card that may be applied, depending on their personal situation. The first type of Green Card is valid for two years and it is known as a conditional resident card. The reason that a person would be granted a conditional resident card is because they came to the United States on a K-1 visa, in which they had 90 days to marry their fiance and then were granted conditional legal status. In order to get your conditional status removed, you will have to fill out an I-751 Petition. When you have a two year green card, you can fill out this petition 90 days before your two year card expires. You will have to prove that your marriage is legitimate in order to get your conditional status removed. The ways that you can prove that your marriage is bona fide is by providing the court with joint bank account statements, photographs from trips you have taken as a couple and a joint tax return.

After you have filed your I-751 form, you may be eligible to receive a ten-year Green Card or a permanent resident status. Once you have obtained a status of permanent residency for five years and have not left the United States for more than 6 months during that time span, you are eligible to go through the naturalization process and become a United States citizen.

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