What is a U visa and who is eligible?

  • There’s a specific visa for victims of crime. It’s called a U Visa.
  • To be eligible for the U Visa, it has to be a rather serious crime; a felonious assault, an armed robbery. Anything in that nature, you should be eligible for a U Visa.
  • Another requirement is that you had to help in the prosecution of that crime. If you didn’t, then you’re not going to be able to obtain a U Visa.
  • Even if that crime occurred ten or twelve years ago and you aided the police or the district attorney’s office in processing that crime, you’ll still be eligible.
  • The other requirement is you will not be able to proceed with the U Visa unless the district attorney’s office or the police department signs a 918 supplemental form saying yes, you were actually very instrumental in the prosecution of the crime.
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