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New Biometrics Rule has Been Withdrawn | What to Know

Biometrics is a major part of the immigration process. It refers to the collection of important data, such as fingerprints, photographs and/or signatures. This information is used to conduct background and security checks, among other things. Recently, a new rule regarding biometrics was proposed by the Department of Homeland Security. This rule would make the […]

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What to Know About Consular Processing in Wisconsin

Consular processing is when a person who wants to immigrate to the United States goes to their respective consulate in their country and completes the application for a green card.  This process is comprised of submitting the appropriate forms and documents to the consulate, followed by an interview at that consulate. This process can be […]

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What is a P-Visa? | What to Know

If you are a performer or athlete looking to come to the United States for an event, you may need to obtain a P-Visa. Read on to learn more about the different types and who is eligible. P-1A and P-1B Visas  The P-1A visa is specifically available to internationally recognized athletes. This allows them to […]

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Leaving the United States with a Green Card | What to Know

Obtaining a Green Card is incredibly exciting. This will mean you have a number of new rights and benefits. You may be wondering about your options when it comes to leaving the United States after obtaining your Green Card. Read on to learn more about the process of leaving the U.S. with a Green Card. […]

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What to Know About Naturalization Ceremonies in Wisconsin

One of the last steps of becoming a citizen involves attending a naturalization ceremony. Read on to learn more about naturalization ceremonies, what they entail, and what you can expect. Are There Different Types of Naturalization Ceremonies? There are two types of naturalization ceremonies: the administrative ceremony and the judicial ceremony. Though both ceremonies involve […]

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