Can I get a Green Card if I have a criminal conviction?

Can I get a Green Card if I have a criminal conviction?

Just because you have a criminal conviction, doesn’t mean that you’re ineligible to obtain a green card or your citizenship. Let’s talk about green card status first and the issue of admissibility. Certain convictions make you inadmissible. In other words, you’re not eligible to obtain a green card unless you either file a waiver or you get rid of that criminal conviction. This is where an experienced immigration attorney who has a criminal defense background becomes useful.

In many cases, what we can do in the state of Wisconsin is file the motion to vacate your conviction and we are very successful in this if we can do so under the law. There’s a myriad of motions that we can file. Just because you have a conviction that makes you inadmissible, doesn’t mean you should stop trying to obtain a green card. You should come and speak with an experienced immigration attorney and we will tell you honestly, whether or not we can help you.

John Sesini is an experienced immigration attorney with a criminal defense background. Contact the law office for an initial consultation in one of his offices located in Green Bay and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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