Who are Notarios in the United States?

Notarios are individuals in the United States who are considered a notary, and almost anyone can become one, assuming they don’t have a felony record or other criminal record. They pay a certain fee to obtain their stamp.

Many Hispanic countries, and even in some European countries, notarios are actually lawyers.  Here in the United States, they don’t have to be lawyers, and I’ve seen a lot of scam notarios in my community who have done damage to my clients’ immigration status.  Do not go to notarios; they are not lawyers!  They have caused major damage to many of my clients, and in some cases, I cannot even fix their immigration status.

In some cases, they charge the same amount as an actual immigration attorney.  Please, if you have an immigration question, you can contact my office over the phone.  If it’s an easy question, I will answer it over a phone and I will not even charge for a consultation.  If it’s a more difficult question, then I would have you come in so I could explain it in greater detail.

John Sesini is an experienced immigration attorney with offices in Milwaukee and Green Bay Wisconsin. Contact an experienced attorney to set up an initial consultation and get any questions answered regarding your specific case. 

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