What is 212(c) Relief and Who Qualifies?

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212(c) relief is relief from deportation, for legal permanent residents, who were convicted of a crime prior to 1996. It could be a drug-trafficking crime or any other aggravated felony. It’s only limited to those crimes where the conviction took place prior to 1996. To be eligible for that, you just have to show that you’ve been in the United States for five years and that your deportation would result in extreme hardship to yourself or to your family. So if you do find yourself in that position and you have an aggravated felony conviction that was pre-1996, don’t think you’re going to be deported. Contact an experienced immigration attorney.

John Sesini is an immigration attorney with offices in Milwaukee and Green Bay Wisconsin. If you have questions regarding immigration, contact the law office to speak with an experienced attorney and get an initial consultation. 

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