USCIS Announces Implementation of Electronic H-1B Registration Process

As of January 9, 2020, USCIS is implementing a new H-1B registration process for the fiscal year 2021. With the new law in place, all H-1B cap-subject petitioners who are looking to file an FY 2021 H-1B cap petition now must first register electronically with USCIS. Each H-1B submission requires a $10 fee per applicant. If you submit a duplicate registration, you may face legal consequences, or, at the very least, have your application denied. Please continue reading to learn more about the change and how the H-1B program functions.

  • Prospective petitioners with selected registrations can now file an FY 2021 cap-subject petition exclusively for the alien identified in the registration and within the filing period provided on the notice of eligibility
  • The H-1B registration final rule states that if USCIS receives more than a certain number of registrations, they will select the number of registrations projected as needed to reach the FY 2021 H-1B numerical allocations after the initial registration period closes at random. USCIS will then notify all registrants with selected registrations by March 31, 2020.

What is the purpose of the H-1B program?

The H-1B program is for nonimmigrants who are looking to work in the United States. That being said, H-1B visas are usually only for those who are employed in a “specialty occupation.” There are various types of such occupations, such as education, biotechnology, architecture, medicine, engineering, and more. If you are granted an H-1B visa, you will be able to work in the U.S. for up to three years, and, in certain cases, when your visa expires, you may apply for a three-year extension.

That being said, it is worth noting that if you are fired from your job, or even if you quit, you will most likely have to leave the country, as your visa will have expired. If you think you qualify for an H-1B visa, please do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced Wisconsin immigration attorneys. We have helped countless individuals through the immigration process, and we are ready to do the same for you. All you have to do is ask.

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