Understanding Consular Processing

What is consular processing?

Consular processing is when a person who wants to immigrate to the United States goes to their respective consulate in their country and completes the application for a green card.  This process is comprised of submitting the appropriate forms and documents to the consulate, followed by an interview at that consulate.

Who is required to Go Through Consular Processing?

Most people who want to come to the United States cannot avoid consular processing as their green card application method.  The United States very rarely allows an immigrant to enter the United States without having completed consular processing.

What Happens During the Consular Interview?

After your application is transferred to the appropriate consulate, an interview should be scheduled. The consulate may notify you in writing of your interview date.  At the outset of the interview, you are required to swear to tell the truth. Thus, the interview process is a way in which the government can verify the contents of your application. Your medical, criminal and financial records may also be reviewed to help determine if you are admissible into the United States. If you are applying for a green card based on the fact that you are marrying a United States citizen, the interview may include personal questions that may be designed to reveal the authenticity of the relationship and impending marriage.

Although the interview may seem to go by without a hitch, you may not receive approval for the immigrant visa on the spot. This is not indicative of any negative consequence of the interview, but rather for security reasons. If you are granted an immigrant visa you should receive notification that you can retrieve your immigrant visa at the consulate.

If you have questions about consular processing, you should consult with an experienced immigration attorney.

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