Trump Administration to Conduct a Review of the DACA Program

Recently, the Supreme Court decided that the Trump Administration’s reasoning for rescinding the Obama-era DACA program was unconstitutional. For many DACA recipients, this was a breath of fresh air. However, recently the Trump Administration has stated that it will be conducting a “comprehensive review” of the program, thereby letting DACA recipients know that the battle is far from over.

Chad Wolf, the acting homeland security secretary, said in a recent memo that while DACA recipients were originally allowed to renew their status for two years, they may now only do so for one, suggesting that the Trump Administration is still actively working to terminate the program, though it does not plan on doing so before the election this November. The memo has also stated that first-time applicants to the DACA program will no longer be accepted.

Of course, the move by the Trump Administration has been met with mixed reviews. Many are in favor of the ruling and chalk it up to a solid strategy on behalf of President Trump in an election year, many others are up in arms over the decision. For example, Mark Rosenbaum, who is an attorney on the case against eliminating DACA that reached the Supreme Court said, “We obviously have no choice but to go back to court. It was illegal the first time, and now it’s a constitutional crisis. It’s as if a Supreme Court decision was written with invisible ink.” This mirrors the feelings of many, and though we cannot tell what will happen to the DACA program in the future, we are sure that the Trump Administration will not go down without a fight.

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