Be Sure to Update Change of Address on USCIS

When an individual living in the United States on an immigration visa makes the decision to move to a new residence, it is essential that they inform the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services agency as soon as possible. In fact, the USCIS announced this week that they are actually planning to destroy certain documents that get returned by the United States Postal Service because they were sent to an incorrect address. The documents that are subject to destruction after a 60-day period without being claimed include Permanent Resident Cards, Employment Authorization Cards, and Travel Documents.

If an individual moves to a new residence, it is important that they report a change of address to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services within 10 days from the date that they moved. It is important to note that certain individuals are exempt from this requirement. Those who are not required to submit change of address information within 10 days from the date of the move include diplomats with visa status A, official government representatives to an international organization with visa status G, and certain nonimmigrants who do not have a visa and are only going to stay in the United States for less than 30 days.

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