What are the requirements for a green card?

Immigrants wanting to become lawful permanent residents in the United States can apply for a green card. A green card grants individuals with the ability to live in the country legally. Before applying for a green card, individuals should review the requirements to see what category they fit. Some of the categories that make a person eligible for a green card include family ties, employment, refugee or asylum, and special programs. Special programs can be made during certain periods of time in the country to provide protection to non-lawful residents.

Can I sponsor someone wanting to receive a green card?

United States citizens can apply to sponsor a family member for a green card. They are able to sponsor their spouse, child or parent as long as this individual has entered the country legally. Even if they have overstayed their temporary visa, they may still be eligible to apply for a green card. They should seek the counsel of a legal professional. This can make them apply for an adjustment of their legal status.

U.S. citizens are able to sponsor their adult children that are 21 years of age or older and their siblings for green cards. However, this process may be affected due to a determined number of petitions allowed per year and a waiting list that follows. stipulation of a waiting list and a limited number of allowed petitions per year. There are exceptions for those who filed a petition with the USCIS or Department of Labor prior to April 30, 2001. It is important to discuss this matter with an attorney. If a person entered the United States illegally or filed an application before April 30, 2001, they may be qualified for a provisional waiver.

Can students get a green card?

Immigrants that are looking to enter the United States due to pursuing an education may do so if they acquire a visa. A student visa is needed for them to legally enter the country and reside in the United States while they are continuing their education. If this education turns into a possible job, they may be able to apply for an employment green card. This can lead to an adjustment of status.

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