What are the humanitarian immigration programs?

In countries all over the world, there is, unfortunately, a lot of civil unrest, environmental disasters, an epidemic of disease, and other conditions that may make it so the citizens of those countries would be better off leaving until things calm down. The Department of Homeland Security, in combination with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services have created a number of programs that allow residents from unsafe countries to seek protection in the Untied States. These initiatives are known as humanitarian immigration programs.

Temporary Protected Status

Temporary Protected Status is designated by Homeland Security to countries that are facing temporary conditions. If your country has been declared a TPS country, individuals can come to the United States without fear of being removed. These individuals are also eligible to obtain employment and travel authorization.

Asylum & Refugee Resettlement

In order to be considered for asylum in the United States, a person must meet the qualifications of a refugee. Refugee status means that you have been granted protection because there is persecution in your home country in regards to your race, social group, political opinion, religion, or nationality. You must already be in the United States and attempt to enter only through a designated port of entry. Refugee resettlement is granted to some refugees who have been referred by the U.S. Embassy or other non-government organization, have relatives in the U.S. as a refugee, and have specific characteristics.

Victims of Crimes

Immigrants who have been the victims of crimes are eligible for certain programs that will protect them from being deported if they assist law enforcement in finding the offender.

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