H-1B Registration Now Requires Petitioning Employers Pay a Fee

In a recent announcement, USCIS has declared that petitioning employers now must pay a $10 fee per H-1B registration. The change in policy, according to USCIS, is so that they can “modernize and more efficiently process applications to live or work in the United States.”

While many opposed the fee, citing an unnecessary burden on immigrant families, USCIS has made it clear that only employers will be subjected to the fine, not those applying. Of the new policy, the USCIS Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli said, “The electronic registration system is part of an agency-wide initiative to modernize our immigration system while deterring fraud, improving vetting procedures and strengthening program integrity.”

The ruling with take effect on December 9, 2010. If you are someone who qualifies, or thinks you qualify for an H-1B visa, please read on and do not hesitate to speak with our seasoned immigration firm to learn more about the H-1B visa process going forward:

How does the H-1B program function?

H-1B visas are a fantastic way for nonimmigrants to obtain work visas here in the United States. However, these visas are generally only available to individuals who work in certain “specialty occupations.” These occupations may be in various fields, including engineering, biotechnology, education, mathematics, architecture, medicine, and more. There are several benefits that come along with an H-1B visa. For example, these visas permit you to stay in the United States for three years, and once the visa expires, you may even apply for an additional three-year extension. Unfortunately, those who quit the job or are fired will most likely lose their ability to stay here in the United States.

If you think you qualify, you should not wait another moment. The sooner you contact our firm, the sooner we will be able to help you attain the H-1B visa you need to work here in the United States. We have been helping individuals attain the peace of mind they need to become positive, productive individuals within the U.S. for years. Why not put our experience to work for you?

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