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What are the differences between LPR cancellation removal and non-LPR cancellation?

  • It depends. If you were a legal permanent resident, which we call LPRs, and you’ve been convicted of certain crimes, you can be deportable.
  • What’s important to remember is that some felonies make you deportable, some felonies don’t. Some misdemeanors make you deportable and some misdemeanors don’t.
  • To be eligible for cancellation of removal for a legal permanent resident, you have to show that you entered the United States at least seven years ago, prior to the violation date of the deportable offence.
  • You have to show that you have had a Green Card for at least five years. Then you also have to show, lastly, that your deportation would be a hardship to you or to your family. That last question is really a decision for the judge to make.


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