How Can E-Verify Help Me?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services now has a service that employers can use to determine the eligibility of their employees. This program, called E-Verify, is an internet-based service that can help employers determine if the people that they hire are eligible to work in the United States. The government is trying to make it more convenient and easy for businesses to find the legality of the people they employ.

The way it works is that the website looks for the employee’s I-9 form, which is filled out when they come here to work. Form I- 9 is mandatory for any person who is working in the United States on a visa. Those who have filled out an I-9 form are not required to have a Social Security Number or a photo identification. Both the employer and the employee are required to fill out the I-9 form. E-Verify is not required for businesses to use but if you do use it, you must have a Social Security Number, a photo ID and you are not allowed to use it to re-verify your employment verification that has expired.

The information that is submitted to E-Verify gets checked against the records that the Department of Homeland Security has about the person. The documents that are checked include a U.S. passport and visa information, immigration and naturalization records, Social Security administration record and documentation that identifies the employer such as their driver’s license.

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