Do I qualify for asylum?

Those who lived in countries where they faced danger every day may look to the United States for comfort. In some countries, raging wars or religious persecution has led to unsafe conditions for families. People may be targeted every day and do not have the proper shelter to protect them from harm. These people do not want to return to their home country in fear of what could occur. Instead, they want to seek refuge in staying in the United States. They look at the U.S. as a place where their worries will be limited due to the freedom that comes with our country. These victims sense that they will be in a safer environment by living in the U.S. They want to provide their families with the opportunity to grow up out of harm’s way and not have to live in fear every day. With these victims comes the opportunity for asylum. If you are living in the United States and are afraid to return to your home country, you may qualify for asylum under the U.S. Immigration Laws.

How can I be granted asylum?

In order to acquire asylum, you must be able to prove that you fit the criteria for this status. To prove your situation, there are two specific ways. One way is an affirmative process. This is for an individual who is seeking asylum and is not in removal proceedings, or deportation from the United States. Defensive process is for those who seek asylum in the U.S. and are in the midst of removal proceedings. Depending on your situation, either one of these can help you gain access to stay in the country.

What are some benefits of being granted asylum?

Other than being allowed to stay in the United States, individuals may be given other benefits to staying in the country. An asylee may be granted work authorization and can hold a job within the country. They also may be able to apply for a social security card. In addition, asylees may even be able to petition to bring their family from their country of origin to the United States.

Individuals granted asylum may also be eligible for benefits such as Medicaid or Refugee Medical Assistance. This can help them gain access to medical insurance. After a year within the United States, asylees may be able to apply for a green card. Four years after gaining access to a green card, the individual with green card permanent resident status may be able to apply for citizenship.

Due to the complexity of immigration processes and all the paperwork involved, it is best to acquire the help of an attorney. They can provide you with the legal advice you need to get through the process. Our firm will be there every step of the way to ensure your safety.

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