“John Sesini is a very knowledgeable immigration attorney. I’ve worked with him for over 6 years and what sets him apart from others who may also be experts in immigration law is his standards of ethics and personal values in truly caring about his clients. My wife and I went to John to help us file for permanent residency and we quickly learned that he’s experienced, knowledgeable, and cares a great deal about his clients. I’ve worked with other attorneys in the past and he’s by far the most diligent, resourceful, and reliable attorney. I would highly recommend him- excellent immigration lawyer!”

– Primitivo

“[John Sesini is] the best lawyer I ever had to deal with. He is helping me and my husband for over 6 years. John was helping me and my husband to get fiancé visa , green card, citizenship.(I am from Ukraine and my husband American). Results was always good and fast. I highly recommend John as an outstanding lawyer.

– Alina

“I met John because he was recommended to me by another friend whose family had a complicated immigration situation. My husband and I have worked with John Sesini since 2008, we closed our immigration case now in 2014. That may seem like a long time but John was accurate and worth every penny. He was clear and helped us understand why we needed to be PATIENT in our case. What I most loved about working with John is that he is organized, accessible, approachable, current on his information and HONEST about all changes in laws and practices regarding immigration. John didn’t always say what we wanted to hear but he told us EXACTLY what I needed to do and provided us with excellent guidance to keep us moving in a positive direction. This helped us to avoid making poor decisions because of our fears or need for urgency that would have kept my husband out. My son has his father, I have my husband, we are now all able to live in the United States together thanks to John, those in his office and their excellent work. I highly recommend John Sesini to be your immigration attorney.”

– Lauren